Sins of Yo-yoing


What’s a bad thing to do in yo-yoing? What’s the worst thing you’ve done in your yo-yoing career? What’s the worst thing you’ve seen someone do while yo-yoing?

Confess it here.

As for me, I have a tendency to learn a trick halfway through and be too lazy to finish it. I also tend to take shortcut in tricks to avoid the harder parts that I can’t do.

(SR) #2

Nuff said.


Dinging a yoyo…tisk tisk!


never go to a contest and spend all you money quickly thinking that it is an awesome deal. I will bet that later on you’ll find something that you want a lot more and wish you still had money.


Refusing to explain a trick to someone when they ask.


(Waylon) #6

I double posted on YYE.

(Waylon) #7


(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #8

Getting mad at someone when they ask you to walk the dog.


Make fun of people who aren’t as good as you


this wins ^^^


I’ve cheated with my yoyos. What? It’s a sin…

(M.DeV1) #12



I threw a forward pass at someone! :o


Not on purpose, surely?!



play wise

  • I didn’t do it, but front style throw in side style play because you don’t want to work on a clean breakaway. If you give up on the breakaway, there’s no point, really, to keep going.
  • I spent my 1st year doing all my under trapezes with the pointer finger rather than the middle finger, came back to bite me hard, I had to spend 1 full month re-teaching myself to do under trapeze with the middle finger.

community wise

  • dissing the community on the internet and never going to meets or contests, actually talk to people in real life
  • don’t pretend you know throws you never played, don’t assume, verify and test for yourself
  • how far you go up to YYE and how fast you get there doesn’t matter
  • just being able to land a trick doesn’t mean you mastered it
  • yoyoing is not just about putting a yoyo on a combination of strings, style matters
  • if you compete, don’t come unprepared
  • don’t assume because it costs more, that it should be better
  • don’t believe the hype
  • don’t watch only top competing players, most players have interesting styles and stuff you can learn from them
  • don’t hold on your tricks, teach them, even if you worked hard on them, even if you invented a new concept, spread it, don’t keep it to yourself, ever (this is a tough one for some people, including me, but I believe it’s a very important part of what makes this community so great)
  • don’t stay by yourself or with known friends at meetings and contests, just walk up to people and get to know the community
  • don’t scam people on trades, for a quick easy buck, you’ll lose access to a community that can change your life. we take care of our own.
  • don’t talk down to less skilled players, we’ve all been there, help them get through the difficulties you encountered and allow them the opportunity to reach further than you.
  • don’t talk down to children, they’re our future, make them feel respected, comfortable and important.
  • be able to walk the dog on request, never turn down people showing interest in yoyoing, share it with them, show them what they know and help them discover how yoyoing has become.
  • don’t do things out of hate (general life advice here)


i acedentally eli hops my dad smack in the middle of his forehead


Getting a knot in my yoyo and don’t bother undoing it so later I go to throw a breakaway and it usually comes flying at me.


LOL. :smiley:


Hitting myself in the face with the Yoyo several times


Abby, you should stop doing that. You might damage a yoyo.