Silver yoyo

Hello! Merry christmas eve! I am an intern at a youth theater, and my “boss” is the best guy ever! He came to my house and gave me a big platter of cupcakes for my family and also a little silver yoyo from pottery barn for me. It is imperial shaped. I took it out of the box and threw it. It came with really bad cotton string, but i decided to just play it with that. I looped with it for a little bit and it was reAaly good at looping! But after about 10 loops the string snappped and i was like “ok its probably just a bad string” so i put on a cotton string of my own. That one snapped too. Its not a big deal, seeing how this yoyo is probably 5 dollars or less, but do you think that there’s a way to have it not eat the strings? Have any of you ever seen this yoyo before? It doesnt have a bearing, btw.

Sandpaper? idk lol

poly should work on it given the axle is metal and not wood. Other then that rub denim on the inside of it. Rub it down good and hard.

It doesnt open. How can i rub the axle?

You should be able to fold some jeans or something and stick it in the gap.

try a poly string… The whole thing’s metal as far as I can tell, and there’s no starburst so it wont eat the poly string.

I think that there is a starburst actually. I tried a poly string and it got eaten. I think that i just need to sand/ denim the starburst.