Fixed Axle Hildy Emmett eats any kind of string.

I’m assuming that my Hildy Emmett came with cotton string because I know that fixed axle throws usually melt polyester due to the friction. The string it came with gave out around the axle within a few throws, and now the yoyo has “character” from hitting a concrete floor. I used a poly string for bit, just to see what would happen, and sure enough, after a few throws it gave out. Another cotton string gave out as well. What good is this yoyo if it blows through string in just a few throws? Any suggestions as to a type of string that will hold?

It should hold cotton, or poly. So this means you have a String Cutter. Contact Hidly Bros. or the person you purchased it from.

Or take a look in the gap and look for any sharp edges or something like that.

If you want just get some 600-2000 grit sandpaper (preferably 1,000-2,000 if you can find it) and sand inside the gap. It might be hard due to the fact the it doesn’t come apart.

Did you use BRAND NEW cotton string?

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The Emmet uses a metal axle, so feel free to use whatever string yo want.

I got one recently for a friend(I didn’t want one) and it ate 5 100% Type 10 cotton strings, 2 YYE 100% polys, a Kitty Normal, a Type X and a Kevlar string within an hour. This yoyo is a hungry string eating beast.

He sent it to Hildy and they are looking into it. I offered to forward him the information on the YYE order so he could contact YYE. I think in this case though, contacting the manufacturer was the best move. Hildy quickly accepted it back. I hope it’s just some sort of fixable issue.