Silver Tongue, Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial for a trick I call Silver Tongue.
I made a tutorial around Christmas time last year, so I’ve decided to do an annual christmas tutorial!
Hope you can learn this trick.
Let me know if you learn it, and feedback is ALWAYS appreciated!

Merry Christmas,
-Andrew :slight_smile:

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Cool trick! I will try to learn it but i dont get how when you do that pop how the string stays under it.

Such smooth. Wow. Very yoyo. Eksepshenul skeelz.

You need to just lift the whole string segment with the yoyo on it.
Or, keep the yoyo and string stationary and lift the back string under it, either way works, but my method looks most fluent.

Let me know if you still need further help and I will gladly try my best to help :slight_smile:


nice i will learn it, btw wahts the name of music

Well presented, well done.

Its a song I found on youtube…not sure of the name, haha. Sorry!