Whats this trick called?

Hi yoyoers :smiley:

do any of you know what the trick that starts at 1:01 in this video is called?

not sure if youtube embedding is allowed on this forum so here’s the link

If you could post a tutorial i’d appreciate it.

Please and thanks :smiley:

I think I have seen that trick on a string burn live trick tutorial it is in one of the VERY early episodes

Any idea what it’s called? It doesnt have to be exact i can do some research o-o

watch dazzling daves video on the plastic grind machine. He shows you the trick.

Erm sorry I’m not exactly a usual on the watching trick videos thing. I usually just watch zela or this website’s videos to learn tricks. Mind giving me a link to dazzling dave’s channel?

just watch the video a few times and you should be able to figure it out. that is how i did it. i think it is based off of a spin top trick

its called corkscrew. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm4VFGJjNLA

do you have a tutorial for how to do it 1A style like it was done in the video o_o?

Just whip the string so it go’s into the gap of the yoyo then wrap the string around your arm.
Once you are there you just let go of the yoyo and spin it around on the string. It will just stay on the string and move around your arm like a corkscrew. :wink:

But like when i whip it through the gap it like can’t go under my arm.