My first original trick. Enjoy

Tell me what you think. Be kind  :wink:

I like it! It could be a little smoother when you grab the string under the yoyo, but over all it was really cool. Tutorial please!

Dear Alex,

I love you.

That is all. ;D

Thanks man. Yeah, I spent a long time trying to figure out the best way to do that smooth and haven’t come up with anything. So it’s still pretty choppy. I’ll see what I can do for the tutorial.

Haha thanks Quinton. Does that mean you like it? haha

Very Much so my friend!
I did enjoy very much

So, any name suggestions? The whole two people that have commented? ::slight_smile:

I vote for Mtn Dew. ooor

Pre madonna… oooor

That weird flippy loop over thing and stuff

name it dirty dancing!

Amazing trick! Maybe you should name it detonator. Cause it kinda explodes… no… I honestly have no clue. :frowning:

Tesla coil

how about the reach and roll gt.[r and r gt].btw,love the trick.a tutorial would be fantastic.uuummm…i have a question.does the string have to twist in order to get the gt?

That’s a nice name. Maybe

It can be done but you have to twist it yourself. If the string doesn’t twist at least twice, It either drops out into just a hang or into a trapeze. I’ll work on a tutorial sometime soon. School is eating a ton of time atm.

The monkey turtle (EPIC!) :smiley:

Nice trick! Thanks for sharing

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If you watch it a couple times, and play around with it you can figure it out. Most people dont have perfect string tension all the time, so I wouldnt worry about the string twists.

Id call it Vertigo if that wasn’t already taken. nice trick man. could use some smoothing out but overall, good.

You had tons of string tension O_o I don’t know if you were supposed to have it for the GT thing at the end

But awesome trick!

wow.really good for a first trick

i vote for Tesla coil sounds epic