New Trick?

I was just playing around with some grinding today. And I found out something I think has been found before.

You do a regular arm grind, and the pinch the string behind the yoyo while it’s still on your arm. Then when you let the yoyo grind off your arm a slack should hook onto the yoyo and you should end in a GT.

This sounds too obvious to be invented by me. So all I want to know is; is it invented? Does it have a name?

Addment: If this trick is not used yet, I’ll name it. I’ll take name suggestions, but I highly doubt that I invented this, it sounds too obvious.

I think this is a trick-- But has no name or is not a REAL trick… I think Mickey’s Green Triangle is kinda like it do you mean:

That’s not exactly the trick I am trying to explain. While the yoyo is grinding on your arm you pinch the string behind it so you get a little slack. The let the yoyo grind off your arm and hook the slack into the gap. Then you should be in a GT.

Is it like the video but you pinch the string and it’s an arm grind?

Then it hasnt been inveted but it would be a Variation.

That sounds like a pretty sweet trick dude!
You should make a tut!

Just to explain a few things here. When you grind across your arm, the string will follow it because it is attached to the yoyo. And if you pinch that string and it hooks on the right way, you should end up in a GT.

WOW,I met that guy at redondo,I couldnt find any vids of him,thanks!!!

Thats his account- I like his style. He has a future ahead of him  :wink:

He might get sponsored soon on BadRep’s junior team according to him from Alex  :wink:

i love this song, its what brandon baines used in 2006 i think at ma states