Chopsticks "Stuck On String" Problem *Please Help*

So I’m trying to learn this trick but at 0:51,when you press down on that string to land that yoyo on another string, its like stuck on the first string and won’t come off. The guy in the comments said he is having this problem as well, so I was also wondering if this is common? What can I do to fix this, I really want to learn this trick! :’(

Are you meaning the part at :51 were he undercuts the yoyo with the TH, right after he does the initial chopsticks mount?

Yeah, where he kind of pushes down with his thumb, and the yoyo comes off the first string that it started. Its driving me crazy!! :-X

The better question is what string is he using? That is fluorescent with a capital “Oh my god”.

Ok, yeah, I use to have a little trouble with that part too when I was first learning that. The thing that helped me is to try and do the trick and single steps. First, trapeze, then Pause, then choostzthen Pause, then put your TH finger on the string segment, then kinda swing with yoyo to the right a little bit and undercut the yoyo like shown in the vid. Just make sure you undercut the the yoyo with your finger with once smooth and fluid motion so that it doesn’t get stuck.

Try this out and let me know how it goes. Good luck and keep us updated! :slight_smile:

Got it! And even landed the whole trick a few times as well! Thanks alot! :slight_smile: :smiley: ;D 8)

Hey, congrats! Nice job on landing it and glad that I was able to help! :wink: