Chopsticks to Trapeze and his Brother

I’m not quite sure what I am doing wrong here but I am working on a couple of Jason Lee repeaters and I noticed that a lot of his tricks go into chopsticks and then he underpasses to a trap and his bro mount. Every time I make this motion the yoyo binds right into my knuckles. Is there anything in particular that I need to be doing to make this movement not bind?

Yeah, the only real ‘trick’ is practice - It’s a type of move that makes the yoyo slide on the string in a bind-like fashion, so you’ve gotta be really smooth in order to avoid that. Make sure the yoyo is spinning straight, and maybe use a string-centering bearing like a KK or center-trac to help, but mostly just practice and you’ll get it!

I love these kinds of chopsticks tricks, but I frequently have these kinds of issues. For me the crux of the matter is the string tension - and I do not mean what is normally described as string tension, in this case I mean ensuring the the string does not go too slack during trick. If you do allow the strings to go slack, the string can multilayer around the bearing and binding ensues. If you keep the strings as taught as possible throughout, then you can get through it. It took a bit of practice as Josh said, but you’ll get there!

Alright, thanks guys. I’ll keep practicing to see if I can get it

I went and cleaned my bearings and I realize that played a HUGE roll in my difficulties. These tricks are much easier now that the string isn’t chasing the yoyo as soon as I allow some slack

this is an unnecessary bump but I thought that I should just interject that I realized that my problem was that I was trying to slide the yoyo on the string. I just needed to pop out of the chopsticks. There is another trick that I’m working on that does involve that chopstick/underpass/trap and his bro mount but that one can wait