Help with a move


i can seem to land the yoyo on the string when is has to pass through my thumb and another finger. i always end up hitting my hand or missing the string entirely. Any tips?


sounds like youre describing chopstix… start by picking up the yoyo an inch or two up the string, and droping it on the place you want… take a look at the trick ‘experimental laziness’ it has a part from an undermount which is imo a good move to practice… after a few weeks it should be no problem just to pop the yoyo in…

hope this helps ya out


you have to a pretty small trapeze to do that move.


Yeah, it was just like chopstix, if i can get that move down it will probably not be a problem to do variations of it. Thanks.


most of the tricks that I do involve chopsticks. You just need to get the feel of the trick. You have to make the motion smooth and flowy.


That trick is called chopsticks. At first I always blamed it on my small hands being that I am 12. But that indeed is NOT the culprit. I kept practicing and know am working on a very long chopsticks combo actually. The way I figured is that it is good to go into trapeze and go into the trick over and over again. You have to get good control of the yoyo to get it perfectly in between your fingers. This will once again come from practice. And if you do this even if your fingers can barley even possibly fit the yoyo in between then you will still figure it out eventually and make it look very smooth and flowing.


yes also helps if you know over under boing-e-boing


Do you have any specifics? i can get it through alot of the time but the string always seems to be in the wrong place. its like how magnets repel eachother


I had this same problem too. It is just that like I said in my last post, you need to keep practicing and that will give you more control of where the yoyo and string are going. For example you won’t notice that you have practiced and gotten better but one day you might just land a trick you have been working on, or hopefully, chopsticks.