Chopsticks Help

Hey so I have been trying to get down the chopsticks mount from a trapeze, but it seems like the yoyo always hits my fingers, any tips or another way to get into the mount? thanks! :smiley:

Try to keep the string at the tips/near tips of your finger, it gives you more room to land.


Create a space for the yoyo to land then practice hitting that spot. It takes practice the same as all tricks.

Try learning on an undersized yoyo, and then progressing to fullsized.

Instead of using just one finger for the trapeze, use two or even three. Whether it is your ring finger or pinky not being used in the loop, pinch the string while it sits near the ends of your fingers.

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Thatโ€™s a good tip I have been able to do chopsticks but this makes it easier to keep that string towards the tip of my finger thanks.

Keep your throw hand far away from your Chopsticking hand. I donโ€™t know y this helps but it helped me

When performing the chopsticks mount from a trapeze, try to keep your thumb as close to the yoyo as possible. It would make it easier, as the yoyo does not have to travel that far a distance.