Chopstick Switch Help



Need some help… I’ve managed to nail the basic chop stick overmount from the trapeze… but I’m having problems finding the gap for the undermount (it keeps hitting my thumb/finger and then bouncing out/away). I feel like i have my thumb/finger extended as wide as possible, but only occasionally can I hit the mount. Any tips?

The other issue I am finding doing this is that the yoyo starts to turn away from me, as opposed to staying parallel to my TH… I’m guessing it’s to do with the yoyo contacting my hand and throwing it offline, or something else, any tips for this as well? (I find it sometimes does this with some other tricks like eli hops).

(Only been yoyoin’ casually for a year or so)



by the sounds of it you are giving yourself too little string to get the yoyo into the undermount chopsticks. for me when I do the under mount chopsticks I have a little bit of breathing room on the string by giving myself a little bit more string. For me when I do that chopsticks the string is just a little bit longer then the gap I have opened for it. Also just as a little tip from what I’ve learned, when doing the under mount chopsticks you don’t need to spread your fingers super wise, I actually find it a little bit harder. If I were you I would just have the finger gap be big enough where I can still have my fingers be parallel which I thinks help with tilting. Also when practicing eventually the tilting will go away with practice and having consistency.


I’ve tried to use a slightly longer string length when trying to get the mount, however the problem still is the yoyo hitting my NTH when trying to get into the mount (the only way I can describe it is as if it doesn’t fit through the gap). I know it does as I do hit it now and again… but also I miss the mount to the side sometimes!

I can pretty much do the standard chopstick mount everyone (with some inconsistency whether I mount with the string in or outside of the yoyo)


hmm if you can then try a smaller yoyo but, there are no guarantees that will improve anything. Also try keeping the string to the ends of your fingertips it can help prevent the yoyo from accidentally hitting your hand when your trying to land the yoyo on the string.


Like the flea? I tried and it didn’t improve anything…


I can’t see how I would ever get to the stage of being able to do quick chopstick tricks…


no not like the flea but more like anything 53mm and under but not flea sized


Yeah yeah ik, ik

(Evan Landreneau) #10

At first I thought you said “sage” as in the yoyo :joy: