Need help with chopsticks

Does anybody have advice for chopsticks mount and related tricks? I have somewhat short fingers so it’s really difficult to flip the yoyo through my hand.
The concept of the mount is really easy for me to grasp, and I can hit it sometimes, but never without hitting my thumb or index finger. Does anybody have a similar issue or advice regarding the issue?


Focus on getting a nice C shape and not straightening into an L shape and get the string closer to the tip of your finger. Then just practice a lot. It’s frustrating at first then you’ll be able to do it without thinking about it


What @GTDropKnot said,
And if you’re using a glossy yoyo or one with glossy rims, using gloves can help a lot, and ofc using smaller diameter yo-yos, so they fit easier inbetween your fingers

I used to suck a chopsticks, and I was way too lazy to practice, but just keep working on it and make sure your technique and stuff is right


Some advice I would have would be to practice with different fingers in the loop, on top of getting the string as close to the end of your fingers as possible, because they give you more room to hit the mount.
For example, I usually use my middle finger or index and middle fingers in the trapeze loop for chopstick mounts.

Also, try to pop the yo-yo up a little bit and not just roll it over your thumb because it will give you a little more time and control.


You want the string at the edge of your fingers and to spread them as apart as you can. You can also practice with gloves so you can get in the mount easier. You can aslo watch this

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