chopsticks problem

I can’t properly lan the chopsticks. it always either hits my hand or lands on the string but stops spinning because it hit my hand what do i do?

Start practicing with the middle finger. When you get better, switch back to index finger.

Wall of text I posted in response to some chopstick stuff.

Just some tips.

Size of the YoYo rarely matters. It’s all in the string and finger positioning. Some protips.
Instead of using just your index finger, try using your other fingers to loop the string around. When I first started using this method, I had my index and middle finger in the string, but as I grew as a player, I had my ring finger in there as well. Another way to prevent the string around your fingers to slip around is incorporate the PINCH. Kind of difficult for me to explain, but all you really do is use the finger that isn’t wrapped around the string to PINCH where it makes contact on your adjacent finger. For example, string is wrapped around index and middle finger, use your ring finger to practically hold the string. Of course, you’re not going to pinch at all times, but it helps hold that slack in place. Over time, you’ll be able to control when to pinch. This is all non throwhand by the way.
Imagine yourself holding a box of cereal with your non throwhand. Make that two boxes. You want to train your fingers to hold that position. Build some muscles. As you do chopsticks, you might notice string slipping into your knuckles. This method prevents that. By holding the box, you’re essentially keeping that wrap as close to your fingertips as you can. Remember, right angles are your friend, the straighter your index fingers are, the more slipping into the knuckle you’re going to get. Slipping back is going to get that string in your way, you’re going to want to move it as far away as you can. HOLD THE BOX. Again, this is very difficult to explain through plain text.
Last but not least, shorten your string. Not saying to physically cut your string, but grab part of it with your throwhand. The more control you have, the smoother your chopsticks are going to be. Longer strings tend to make tricks look wonky.

I’m not going to say these tips are endorsed by everyone, they’re just things I’ve been using ever since I started venturing into the world of chopsticks. I hope this wall of text benefits your trick endeavors.



When I was learning chopsticks it was a pain I’m just being honest. what I found what helped me learn chopsticks is

  1. have a nice big trapeze so when you pop it in you have lots of space to land it wether you miss or not.

  2. I found when spreading your thumb and pointer finger as far as you can it helps you aim for it better because you have a bigger target

  3. Using an undersized Yoyo helps at least when I learned it because it was able to go in to the pocket in between your thumb and pointer finger a lot more easily because the yo-yos smaller so this means no oversized or midsized yoyos if you can.

Using an undersized should help a little. I find it a lot easier to use both your index finger and middle finger when you’re trying to do it. Makes it a lot wider and easier target. Also gives you more control. You could also try just middle finger, which would also make it wider.

Practice. All I can say.

Listen to what paul dang says it really helped me learn especially the extra fingers thing.

Make sure that the loop of the trapeze is on the last knuckle (closest to the tip of your finger) of your NTH index finger.

Its all really about figuring out the perfect spot to roll in from


the size of the yoyo should rarely matter. I get into the mount with a CLYW Chief, which is sort of a large throw. It just takes practice. Try to position the strings on your finger really far out on the finger, like around your fingernail or so. When you spread your fingers apart there will be more space for the yoyo to travel through. And, if you land on both strings, just whip the string coming directly from your throwhand out and behind the yoyo.

hope this could help!