Chopsticks Trouble

I’m having trouble learning chopsticks. I think my hands are too small (stupid statement, I know). I need ideas on what to do. I’ve already tried using undersized yoyos like a DV888, but nothing is working. Help pls.

Keep practicing, Justin. (for those who don’t know, I know him in real life.) We are relatively the same size, and I can do chopsticks fine with an undersized like a Dv888 and a full size like a Supernova. It took me awhile to get the mount too. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it.

k bic boi

Small hands will make learning chopsticks more challenging, however not impossible. In fact with practice you’ll be able to do chops with whatever size yoyo you like. I found when learning chopsticks it was more helpful to have a yoyo with a nice anno/grinding surface. The reason being, when the yo would come into contact with my hands it wouldn’t slow down as much as those shiny or polished surfaced yoyos.

Make sure the string between your thumb and pointer (the string you’re landing the yoyo onto) is lying at the end of your thumb and at the end of the pointer. This way you’ll keep a large as possible gap for the yoyo to land onto.
And if you didn’t know, as you’re tugging your TH to get the yoyo bouncing, press you NTH thumb into the string. This helps a bit

You have to spread your fingers really far apart. It takes getting used to.

It takes a lot of practice. Just keep practicing, that’s all I have to say about that.

After I got that down, I could get it down with a Go-big, 1a style, wide bearing.

'Tis fun.

Instead of using just the pointer finger and thumb on your non throwhand, stick in another finger. For example, wrap the trapeze around the middle and index, or even the ring, middle and index. It helps a lot with spacing and that bottom wrap string doesn’t get in your way.