My hand is to fat for chopsticks!?

Can my hand be to fat for the chopsticks trick? I only land the trick 1 out of every 50 try’s , and the rest of the time my throw is grinding the top of my thumb. Does anyone have any good pointers?

Try learning with a small yoyo then move to a larger one. You will be able to do it but your timing and trick execution will need to be spot on.

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Thank you for the reply I’ve been using a popstar for a few days now, so it looks like its just gonna be practice practice practice :wink:

I actually found that it is easier for me to practice chopstick with normal size throws

No it isn’t. I thought that too. Chopsticks takes practice. It’s weird because you don’t do it the way it looks. You sorta roll it instead of hopping it.

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Also you will find that with practice you will begin to make subtle hand positioning changes. I found it happened rather intuitively. It’s more than just getting the yo between your fingers. Moving that yo around and between those fingers is an incredible challenge when beginning. (But what fun!)

the trick is, try to have the yoyo as close to the TIPS of yor fingers

most people dont know that, the just figure it out , without realizing it

hope this helps

put the yoyo between your fingers when it’s dead, you’ll see there is room there, but you will have to be accurate

I have small hands and I can do chopsticks with a C3 H5 - 64mm oversize

it’s more about technique than hand or yoyo size, it helps to practice with a smaller throw, but once you get it, you should be able to do it with whatever

Well after putting the chop sticks trick aside for many months and like 30 tricks later, I can now do the chop sticks trick!
Ya me! And thank you all again for the advice.