Small Hands

Hi guys, I need a bit of help with chopsticks(thumb mount). The gap between my pointer finger and my thumb is not big enough for the yoyo (duncan raptor) to fit in. I know I could just use an undersized yoyo, but I don’t have any. I can barely do it with my ring finger and my thumb. I had similar problems with the trick “pacman” where I had to pop the yoyo through the gap in the strings. Help?

BTW, I’m 12, so my hands are tiny.

it shouldn’t really be a problem. just practice. I’ve done chopsticks with a big yo before. I mean, my hands are probably bigger than yours, but a normal oversized yoyo should work just fine.

dont pull the string so tight. what your doing is not letting the yoyo slip onto the string. the raptor has a pretty smooth surface it should be able to hit your finger without losing much spin. then again i have huge hands that can land corkscrew with a bigyo.

yeah this really shouldn’t be a problem. After a while things should feel more natural and you will get comfortable with chopsticks tricks.

You should be on that BK commercial. :slight_smile:

this just made my day!