Can anyone give me any tips on how to get into chopsticks, I have done it once or twice but all the rest it just hits my hand and spins out, or goes to far, help me please!

Happy Throwing! =]

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if you did it once you can do it again, its going to continue to hit your hand for awhile, chopsticks take a ton of practice to get down smooth, maybe use a smaller yoyo to practice them with

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when i do chopsticks since i have small hands i don’t use my index finger when going into a trapeze for chopsticks, i use my middle figure so i’ll have more room to land the chopsticks. It also took some practice at first though so practice practice practice.

Drew Tetz has some neat stuff here,. you should check it out. And read the whole thing, don’t just watch the videos.

Yes, when landing the trapeze, try to keep the yoyo close to your non throw hand.