How do I do chopstick mount


I need help can any one tell me an easier way to do it


I found that it was easier to do it with a glove because the yo-yo won’t slow down as much if it hits your finger. Just keep changing the way that you do the trick(how close the yo-yo is to your thumb, and how you pop it up) and you will get it eventually.


Check out the way he gets into a chopstick mount at the start of this trick.  Learning that move has helped me.

(InvaderDust) #4

Relax. be soft. gentle. use no strength, all finesse. TINY movements, keep it close and stay loose and relaxed. Spread yout NTH’s fingers apart like you would to pry open rose petals to see the inside of the flower.


This is a great trick!
One of my favorites!

All the stuff Dust said is true too.
Also, it helps to pay attention to your throw hand, you can control a lot by letting the yoyo have more or less string.  I usually give it a bit of a “running start” before the hop over my thumb.

(InvaderDust) #6

Only other thing i can think of it that your not popping or tossing the yoyo up and over, just hopping over juuuust enough to clear your thumb.