Need Help on Cabin Tut!

Stop in Go dat Triangle

I cannot seem to make the movements  correctly when I try to land it in the chopstick part. I just miss it or hit my hand with my yoyo. Any tips that will help me?

Practice. :wink:

There’s no magical way to accurately land in the chopsticks. Don’t be too wild with the pop? That’s about the only advice I can give.

I would recommend starting by not crossing your hands not only does this make it easier to land, it also makes it so there is no triangle. once you have mastered that then try crossing your hands :smiley: hope it helped!

I seems that I struggle with correctly forming the chopstick whenever I attempt it. It always seems to either be too loose and loses its form OR the string between my fingers is too close to my hand for my Yoyo to fall through.

I know that feel. Wait until you try to master Protrusion-style tricks. At first you feel like your hands just aren’t made to hold the string properly without it slipping off.

You’ll get there if you practice persistently.

Thanks for the advice! Are there anymore of the Protrusion-style tricks I can take a look at? I’m implementing them in my style.

Honestly, I spoke as if I know the “style”, but I only know one, really… Protrusion. And various ways in and out. I don’t know any beyond the basic one, though I’ve seen people reverse their thumb and finger (switching it mid-boing so that the thumb points down instead). If you find anything else in particular, share it with me as I’d like to know, too!

Every time I replay the tut, I just laugh every time I see Charles’ face react to his yoyo dinging on the floor during the intro