Chopsticks Mount?

This trick is tricky! every time I try this it either completely misses or hits my thumb or index finger…any tips?

Try spreading your fingers farther apart, this gives you more space. Also, try on a smaller yoyo if you have one, this might make it easier when trying to land the trick. Also, I find it easier if you keep the yoyo really close to your thumb as you hop it over.

hmmmmm… I’ve been trying and I dont really understand it. now it always misses but i did land it once but i killed it…

The trick is so simple, yet so difficult to land that there are hardly any tips except practice. It’s hard to do something wrong, and really easy to do it all right. All you need is (love, love, love is all you need) practice and accuracy.

Xdohl covered most of it. Try putting the trapeze string as far out of your finger as possible, and go around your thumb as near to your nail as possible, and spread them far apart.

Just practice.

spread finger as far apart as you caan and get yoyo a close to that hand as you can

Practice can usually help you get a trick consistent. :wink: