Chopsticks unexpectedly binds

I’m trying to learn chopsticks.
I passed the “my hand is too small” step, now it’s not a surprise anymore when I manage to land it!
So next step is to repeat it again and again… so I found the Jason Lee repeater (via a Dylan Kowalski video).

My problem is my yoyo tends to bind when I underpass my finger, or even when I’m in trapeze and adjust the string’s length for my next chopstick.

Does it with different yoyos (OD Sugar Glider or Meerkat), but I use Kitty Fat strings. Should I buy thinner strings ? Or nylon strings maybe ?

It happens when you overlube the bearing or have wrong technique
That’s at least in my experience

I would say it’s probably technique, some times it helps to film your self so you can actually see what your doing

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Make sure the throw is completely vertical and your string is perfectly on plane. The bearing has to be very clean and not snaggy at all. I’d say the meerkat with the CT bearing is going to help more than the flat that’s stock with the SG. Otherwise, swing with a little bit, so that the movement of the string compliments the sway of the throw. Meaning swing it away from you to reduce the effects of the backspin. I do prefer nylon strings (Airetic) but I also like thick string. Anything having to do with back spin is going to raise the chance of accidental binds, and a very clean bearing mixed with technique is going to prevent you from snagging.

Best of luck, and you’re welcome to ask for anything else you may need.

In that Jason Lee repeater (pretty sure I know the one you’re talking about), the yoyo will definitely tend to bind on the underpass if the string segments are not kept taut. However, it can be done even on a responsive yoyo (just tried on my Out of Hand Burner and it works) but the key is making sure there is no slack in the string segments as you do the underpass. Even a little slack can cause a bind in that part of the trick.

Then, I’m not sure about the bind you are experiencing even when adjusting string length in trapeze. My guess is that there could be something going on with a string pinch plus string adjustment that is causing the bind, but it’s hard to say more without video evidence.

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I tried to record it on video, but when recording it either completely fails (finger hit or miss the string), or succeeds, but never binds.
As soon as I stopped recording, I got a bind ! :man_shrugging:

I guess it’s a bit of alignment, tension…
It slowly improves with training though.

Thanks for the support :smiley: :+1:


When flipping out pay attention to the clock position. I have found that the 3 o’clock position allows the yo-yo too fall closer to the throw hand. In a vertical position around 12 o’clock the yo-yo tends to bind more, which is a trick in itself, catch and stall in a chopsticks mount and regenerate.