Original trick tutorial (I think..): sneaky chopstick GT

({John15}) #1

So here’s a low-quality tutorial that I filmed and edited on my phone of one of my favorite tricks: sneaky chopstick GT. Enjoy!


Nice, man!

({John15}) #3

I would like for someone who has a better filming setup to learn and rerecord this trick. So if anyone reading this feels qualified, let me know

(Mash Mastar) #4

I try to watch and it errors out. I’m guessing some already stepped up to the challenge. I’ll try again later. Ever have this happen to you?

(Mash Mastar) #5

It worked today. I thought your video was fine and did not need a remake. I liked it.

({John15}) #6

Cool man, were you able to do it?

(Mash Mastar) #7

Im going to have to watch it a couple more times before it sinks in. So you can count on more views for that video. It didn’t seem to complicated but enough for me to watch over & over before I try.


I will learn this soon.

({John15}) #9

Challenge accepted, eh?

(Mash Mastar) #10

I remembered all the elements to this trick, but I cannot figure this part out. Every time I get to the part where I under pass the chopsticks my yoyo tends to want to regenerate. Is there any tip from your perspective to keep this from happening. There are a couple of tricks I would like to learn from chopsticks but I always get a regen when performing the same elements.

({John15}) #11

I have this problem too. What has worked for me, is fresh string, or slightly thinner string. What’s happening is the string is rubbing against itself in opposite directions on the bearing. The less grippy your string is, the better.

Hope this helps, let me know!

(Mash Mastar) #12

Big time. I don’t own any thin string I gave it all away, but i will try it on really worn brakes.