siliconing yomega maverick?

as anyone done this? I’m not sure if the recesses are deep enough. their stock response really sucks and I want to replace it.

Well i did it anyways. The maverick has the strangest recess i have ever seen in a metal. You take the rubber response out and there is a DEEP recess. The rubber pad is like a quarter inch thick. The spacers come off and it leaves this super deep and strangely shaped recess. I siliconed it with flowable and am waiting for it to dry. I should have took pics before i put it in but i will post pics of the finished product in case anyone has one and is wondering… I like how the dash/maverick plays unresponsive so thats what im shooting for. cleaned the bearing too.

Jce man good job! Isn’t that a weird recess? Where did you get the spacers at? I would like to have a wider gap. Yeah mine is done and dry now, I just gotta break in the bearing and it’ll be great.

Check to see if your camera has a macro setting next time you take closeups. Helps a lot on the focus.

Macro setting would be the little flower.

Here’s how mine turned out:
Plays great for a yomega. And dead unresponsive.

You did a fantastic job there.

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Hey thanks! It was actually a kinda difficult sili job. The recesses are deep and weird shaped. Also you have to fill UNDER the spacers while they are on. It was kinda weird. Thanks tho.