Re-Anodized Yomega Maverick

Hey everyone!
I did this mod a while ago however after some recent requests to put this up i decided too!

This is the first pic of 2.

This is the second pic of 2.

Basically all I did to this maverick was I siliconed it, cleaned the bearing, and Anodized it a reddish pink color. I hope you like it!

I bet many of you hate the maverick… let alone many Yomegas, but to be completely honest… this is one of the best $30 dollar yoyos you can buy. I have played with this for just under a year now and it grew with me a lot! at first stock it plays somewhat responsive but after cleaning the bearing and siliconing it it played completely unresponsive… I prefer this over many throws because its just a great all around yoyo! grinds are nice and it not too flighty but it feels like a little bit of an under weight solid throw. its a great buy! I would recommended this to anybody. Jayyo told me to get it and it was a great decision!

  Any questions on the mod will be answered!  hope you like it!

What yoyos would you compare it to that you have thrown?
Also, beautiful job.

thanks! and it plays like a little bit more flighty version of a dv888. spin times around 3 minuets sleep… way better than stock. it takes slacks like a champ! and any string trick is great too. Grinds are super smooth. The thumb grind lip is just a bit small so its somewhat hard to catch but its a good player.

You do know that you will now be attacked for custom Anodized work :smiley:

This is an awesome job and I’m glad to see another person give’n the Maverick/Dash line the props it deserves.

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shouldnt this post be at the modification section

it is

Thats amazing. :slight_smile:

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thanks everybody! It was honestly pretty easy to do. the modding aspect was pretty easy. the anodizing was a bit harder… basically you just have to put the parts in a solvent…a bunch of chemicals mixed for diff. colors with electricity and it just happens! but you have to be exact…

by the way… the yomega metal line is great! nobody should hate them because there yomegas…
Personally they are some of the smoothest yoyos to play with and are extremely amazing for $30. Most people hate them because the bearing is not “standardized”… News flash it uses a slim size C bearing in the metric system!! the gap is extremely modest and it will handle every trick you throw at it. when it is stock it is good as well! it plays just somewhat responsive. good spin time and handles pretty much everything. After siliconing it and cleaning the bearing it plays just as good as any “high grade” metal. I have played this for around 7 months now with the same yoyo and it still is one of the most comfortable yoyos i have thrown… I got a nic in mine and i called yomega and they sent me a new one for free! thats what i call costumer service as well… Yomega is a great company!

Yomega doesn’t use a slim c bearing I think they use the wierd size called e I think

They use a dumb sized bearing.

do you know that for sure? because i compared it to a regular size c and its only a bit slimmer than that and just a tiny bit smaller. a regular c bearing would fit but the bearing spacer wont let it spin properly.

I am sure, I have order replacement Maverick Bearings, they are E’s or some like 7 digit alphanumerical code, They are great bearing just hard to track down sometimes :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

i saw the same thing! there some weird metric number… just a bit smaller than Cs.

They are smaller than Ds. Smaller than Cs and a bit bigger than As. I like to call them dumb sized bearings because they don’t cooperate with any other yoyo in existence.

fixed. D’s are smaller than C’s and bigger than A’s

To be exact they are a stainless steel ABEC5 bearing, size SMR126ZZA5 ;D

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It looks like a salmon egg. :smiley:

The mike has spoken.

couldn’t you just buy a new bearing spacer for a size c bearing and just use that? I don’t mind the bearing it uses i would just like to upgrade! haha