mavericks bearing size

what is the stock bearing size on a maverick?

Well, it is an ABEC 5 bearing. It will most likely be a size A. But it might be a size C. I could find the size anywhere though. Sorry. ???

my friend wants to get a 10 ball for his maverick,he isnt too expirienced with yoyos but I told him a 10 ball would be a good idea.he doesnt really understand the sizes of bearings so he asked me to help him out,he just wanted to make sure he was getting to right size,so I asked you guys,if anyone knows please tell me!

From Dryoyo’s review:

[i]Adding to this is the asinine bearing size Yomega has adopted. At first glance it looks like a half spec C-Size bearing, but it is not. It has a slightly smaller diameter and inner race. Again, this tells me that Yomega does not want you customizing its yo-yo’s…


Looks like hes stuck with his stock bearing :-\

Ouch :-\

Yeah, the yo-yo would actually be playable if not for the response system and bearing size.
It’s not a C-size. I don’t know what size it is, all I know is that it smells like Yomega Fail B.O.

Not many people trust yomega.

I did see some one silicone a Maverick, they said it played OK but still all that time waiting for gold from them to just leave a fowl taste in your mouth :stuck_out_tongue: :’( :-\

I’m sorry but the Maverick is a great yoyo. Wear that response in and its perfect.
Just because you don’t like yomega doesn’t mean you need to bash them. The bearing is a good bearing just not standard. Plays like any other bearing. I wish someone had kept their hands off mine. I hate thieves.

I just thought, “Could it be size B?”. I don’t have one right now, but I didn’t know if it could be size B, because it is between size A and size C bearing sizes.

A size B is what the Aquarius uses. It is about the same size as an A bearing but it has a larger inner diameter.

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Wow guys, this thread was from so long ago, my friend actually quit yoyoing. LOL


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