Industrial Ball-Bearings?

Hi everyone,

I recently came across a site that sold industrial ball-bearings. There was a whole section for yoyo ball bearings. Some are for yomega, some are for duncans, some are for yyjs, etc. Most of them are in 10 packs, but I found a 1-paack that supposedly is a size C bearing (.250 x .500 x .187) that fits yyjs and the like.
The link to that:

There is also some yomega ball bearings (Can fit my Maverick) that supposedly spins 71,000 RPM. Is that good? (It sounds incredible!)

Have any of you guys tried these bearings? They seem O.K., but I’d like to see your opinions.

I’m sure they’re nothing special, just different. That 71,000 rpm is what it can handle before it burns/breaks apart, not that it will automatically spin that fast.

There are a lot of yoyo companies that buy from VBX. They’ve been around for a while.
Good find though.

Okay :slight_smile:

I might get a bearing (or 10) there.

Do you have any idea how the 100% ceramic bearings are?

Not worth the money at all! Actually they are terrible in yoyo’s IMO. I just get stainless bearings. That’s it.

Thanks for the help! :wink:

I’ll probably get some replacement bearings for my yoyos ;D
That seems like the only place where I can get bearings for my maverick. (It’s slightly smaller than size C bearings) :smiley:

Get one drop 10 ball bearing. Best bearing out there


You can get bearings for a maverick at yomega’s website and yoyoguy