Yomega Maverick ?

Does anyone know the weight on this. The Yomega web site has it listed at 60 grams, but every other site I look at has it listed between 65-69 grams. Thanks for the time and help -

What other sites? Could they be different weights? Just check here! Yoyoexpert has the right measurement. I hope.

There are 2 different versions. Which are you looking for? One had an A sized bearing and one had a C sized bearing .

Not sure what bearing size is in mine. I didn’t know there were different sizes. I ended up getting my hands on a gram scale, the Maverick I have is 60 grams and has a 52mm diameter.

Is the bearing small or large?

Easy way to tell which version. If it has spacers it is the old model. If it doesn’t have spacers then it is the newer size C version.