Re-Anodized Yomega Maverick

you could get some crucial lb spacers and recess for those but if you have a good bearing in the yoyo already I would just leave it

ok i will consider that. my bearing now is pretty good. i do not mind it. i have noticed it has been grinding down though… it gets progressively louder every month or so. do you know by any chance how much they cost?

have you tried cleaning it?

Yomegas customer service is outrageously awesome; See if you can get a free one.

yes i have cleaned it numerous times. and i lube it always after words with yyj thin lube. I did actually call yomega earlier and they said to send an email to and they would send me a free one! i love their costumer support!

They are bound legally to replace any part that has even remotely shown signs of wear. Its legal viability. All of your products support a life time warrenty by Yomega. All replacement parts, if you contact via email, should be free.