Yomega Fireball Mod

Hey everybody,
I was just wanting to post how I modified my Yomega Fireball. All I did to it was take my Fast 201 bearing and take the spacers off of it, and put the thin set of spacers from a Duncan Speed Beetle and put them in the Yomega Fireball, and for me it helps to get longer sleepers on it.
Please post any thoughts or comments on the mod.
P.S. You could probably use any A size bearing and thin spacers for the mod, it was just some extra pieces I had.

Y do u want it to sleep longer

I actually used it to do intermediate string tricks, and picture tricks, but now I am going to get two butterfly shape Yomega yo-yos one responsive and one unresponsive.

edit: Turns out, I will not be ordering from the Yomega website, because they only take cards that I don’t have.

Nice. You basically made a Raider, hehe. Good work. :slight_smile:

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umm did u say that u were getting an unresponsive yomega yoyo? cause there arent any unresponsive yomega yoyos. u could always get one and mod it so that its unresponsive but i think you should go with a different co. like yoyofactory. you should probably get a spinstar.

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I have read that when you break in the response, then some of them become unreponsive. If they are, or if they are not unrepsonsive, I will probably get one or two, because Yomega is one of my favorite yo-yo companys.(The reason I did not get one yet is because I could not do any of Yomega’s payment methods, but I just found a yo-yo website, that sell Yomega yo-yos.) (Could someone please tell me if this one yo-yo website is trustworthy or not? If you volunteer, I will send you a pm with the websites name if it is not against the rules.

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i seez ok. not a big fan of yomega myself but they all work. good luck

The maverick became unresponsive for me without modding it. You just have to wear down the pads A LOT.

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So many Brands… :o

How long does it spin for on a hard throw?