how do I get my yo-yo to be unresponsive

I have a yomega dash but it is responsive and I want is to be unresponsive so I looked at the video about making my yo-yo unresponsive it told my to loosen it I did so, but when I loosened it and I threw a sleeper it loosened itself while spinnig and came apart. is it my yo-yo? PLEASE HELP!!!

Clean your bearing with paint thinner. (search on YouTube how to clean a yoyo bearing)

You can only loosen adjustable gaps like those in YYJ yoyos.

If it’s fairly new or the response is fairly unused, break it in by playing with it.

Why do you want it to be unresponsive? Just asking…

Thin lube.

Yomegas aren’t good at unresponsive play, IMO, at ALL. As for the falling apart problem, well THAT sir, is the pristine quality you get with yomega. My fireball does it all the time. Try loctite.

And LMAO, the loosen it part is for adjustable gaps…

one time my fireball came apart and went across a busy street and i went chasing after it. it was pretty funny. but the yomega brand doesnt so unresponsive too well so i would suggest getting a different yoyo.

I don’t know how many yomega yoyo’s you guy’s have played with but I’ve had a maverick, dash, and hotshot that I played completely unresponsive and they played rather well.

My maverick is actually really good so…

I guess that is just the amount of yo-yoing experience I have.

Yeah, I agree. I have a Maverick, and it does take forever to break in, but once it is broken in it’s pretty good. Its a terribly underrated yoyo. You just have to break it in, so keep throwing.