silicone response help!!!

for some reason i siliconed my pgm and it made it responsive . there is absolutely no silicone in the bearing seat and the bearing is fine please help. ill post pictures

Just break in the silicone. ;D

responsive like duncan speed beetle responsive? or hard tug responsive? or wen u grind?

anthony!!! its anthony!!! wasup cuz

just play it and it will break it in. next time recess it a bit more and you wont need to break it in for nearly as long

maybe break it in but i have been playing a couple hours maybe 3 so idk if it is broken in yet

yea ant…ik its u :stuck_out_tongue: nothin, did u get my PM?

nah. but thanks guys. ill go check it now

Yup, just break it in. Don’t worry about putting less in next time. Responsive play can smoothen your tricks out.

y did u change ur name apetrunk?

im not 100% sure but i think his name is now apetrunk in binary (i know its binary not sure if its still apetrunk)

Well some certain people (they know who they are) made me change my name to my actual name, Brian, and then I decided to go all out and change it to Brian, but in binary. That was a while ago though.