Silicone preferences

I’ve been siliconing my own throws for a few years now, and next to the CLYW snow tires I haven’t experienced a better response system for my personal preference. However, I have only ever used the clear flowable silicone, I know that there’s a history and preference for red flowable by many players who came up in the same era as myself.

Is anyone able to explain the difference in the two for me?

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I’ve used both a couple times. Anything other than flowable is a nightmare to use, not worth the effort or time.


I’ve only ever used the clear silicone Bradd included with the Circle City Warhawk. I did the silicone on 4 of them, i had Bradd do the 5th for me as an example so I knew what it should look/feel like. I absolutely love that response, and it was pretty easy to do even as a newbie.

From what he told me, the red is slippier and harder to work with, but I haven’t done it myself. All I know is, I had a great experience with the clear stuff.

Not sure if there’s a difference with different brands, but this is the tube I used: