Different types of silicone: Does it matter?

I have been working at NAPA for almost six years, and I know that different types of silicone work differently when using it in automotive applications, but I do not know if different types of silicone make any difference in yoyo response. I’m looking at filling in the o-ring space on my Black Knight, is there a particular type of silicone I should use? I have some Permatex Ultra Black and Clear RTV at my house right now. Will either work or do I need to get a different kind?

Either will work just fine.

yep its a matter of opinion … some like flowable cuz it flows and levels… and some like rtv cuz it last a long time but any sili is fine

Yep, some people swear by red, blue or black and express mild disdain for the plain old clear stuff. I just picked up a HM in a trade with clear sili in the grooves and it’s one of my favorite players at the moment. Use what ya got…

I personally love clear. It doesn’t last as long but it gives a “softer” response.

I use Blue but any is fine. Some people even confess with me that the noone should EVER use blue cause it is extremely sucky. I was like :o. sigh

Red is good either is good, blue is good, flowable is good as long as it’s silicone, it’s good.