What is the very best silicon for yoyos?


I am working on machining my own yoyos and will need to silicone the response groove. What is the highest quality silicone to use. I don’t want to spend money for no reason, but if I do something I want to do it right. So what are the pros using?


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Red RTV seems to be a favorite around here. I however just use good ol’ Flowable clear silicone.


I LOVE Monkey Snot from MonkeyFingeR. It’s really great stuff, easy to apply, and works great. Plus, it comes in a bunch of colors! Red RTV is also pretty good.


It’s all pretty cheap, and they all have their fans. The only way to know is try them. Pick one, try it, when it runs out, try a different one. I started with the monkey snot personally. Haven’t tried the other 2 popular choices.


I’ve never used Monkey Snot, but I have used flowable, red RTV, YYF/YYJ/YYR/Crucial response pads, and in my opinion the flowable silicone is the best option when you consider price, performance, and ease of use. RTV silicone is just too timely and messy to apply. Pads are very quick and easy to install, but are very expensive when you begin to think about siliconing numerous yoyos. Flowable silicone is much easier to install than RTV and gives a better bind than many of the response pads on the market in my opinion.


regular ol’ flowable is tough to beat


flowable IS RTV. RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) just means that it’s a solid at room temperature.
I’ve been using 99 cent store stuff for years. It’s either gasket maker or sealant, I forget which, but both work just as well. I honestly don’t really think there’s a lot of difference when it comes to silicones. Some might be snappier than others? It all works well though. I prefer it to pads even, as I feel it does give a nice, responsive, snappier bind.


I prefer flowable. Cheap, easy to apply, and good response.


I love MonkeyFingers monkey snot. They have a lot of great colors. All in all it’s a great product.


I’m a fan of monkey snot but it doen’t really matter :slight_smile:

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Permatex flowable silicone…


Blue Gasket Maker… Just like having a bunch of K-Pads in a tube!