Flowing silicone

So here’s my very first attempt at flowing silicone myself. The guinnea pig throw is a Colossus IV, which had really slippy white pads stock.

Flowing the silicone was easy and there was no mess to clean up. However, I feel that I flowed too much into the pad channel. Rather than being flat or slightly recessed, they are slightly raised, which gives the yoyo an almost responsive behavior. Maybe that will go away with use, but the yoyo also feels a bit vibey now.

It may very well be that the only thing to do, really, is to pull it out and try again. But at least I can honestly say that it wasn’t nearly as challenging or messy as I feared.


Excellent job!

I’ve done enough of them.

That looks so good; I thought I did it; lol


was at Home Depot today and was very tempted but don’t got money

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Did you run a card over the top of the silicone to scrape off any extra?


No. Clearly I should have.


High praise indeed


Haha, I’m doing my first sili job tonight and that’s exactly what I was looking for.


I made the “nostril” hole too big, so I had a bit more excess than I would have liked. Smart trip card took care of it nicely though. Can’t wait to try it.


Flowed silicone for the first time last night and just now tried it (about 12 hours, gonna wait the full 24 before I really play it). Man, what a difference. Custom flowed silicone gives you the grip, so that binds don’t slip :+1:


I’ve heard that Red RTV silicone is better that flowable silicone. Personally have never tried either. Any truth to this? Or is it personal preference?

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Everyone I’ve seen these days recommends the stuff in the video above.

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Nice job man! Looks great!

I really enjoy silicone for response! It does wear down pretty quickly for me though.


I wonder if flowable silicone would work with the bi-metal shutter.
I’m kind of thinking the coating of the butter would be too slippery for the silicone to stick to!

No? Not funny?
:frowning: Oh, okay.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you ever tried red rtv? Or any rtv silicone? I’m curious if you would prefer flowable over rtv.


What silicone do you use?

It’s the same stuff as in the video and they sell here.

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@EOS44 @Maddog8011 I tried red RTV once and instantly regretted it. It’s not flowable or self leveling like the windshield sealant stuff and is a pain to clean up after. Even the diehard red RTV folks say that there’s a steep learning curve.

By contrast, that clear windshield sealant stuff flows well, self-levels (super important), and is a synch to clean up once it dries. The only downside is the smell, which really gets to me for some reason. For that reason I prefer MonkeySnot personally—behaves the same while pouring and minimal smell.