Silicone M1 - More Choices = Win Sauce

In the picnic of yoyo life, OneDrop is the Barbecue Sauce of Awesomeness.

Recently OneDrop released a version of the M1 with a Silicone Groove as apposed to a Pad Recess. While I happen to prefer pad response, I have to applaud OneDrops commitment to letting you, the yo-yoer, make the decision of what you want in your yo-yo’s.

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Amazing review, like always.

Well, It is a Micro Review - Just wanted to discuss the differences.

I have to say, I specifically look for your reviews when deciding whether or not to buy a yoyo. Your reviews are in depth, informative and very well written. Not to mention the fact since we’ve both been yoyo’ing about the same length of time, I trust your judgement! ;D