which m1 is better?

I want to know if a stock m1 is better than a flow groove m1 tell me the pros and cons please.

One has a bearing…

The other…oh wait…they both do…

Get Either!!


Yin probably said it all. But this is just a case of which type of response you prefer. with the pad M1 you can experiment with different types of pads and stickers. With flow groove you can use One Drop flow groove pads and … flow.

Addment: Again, the yoyo is the same.

Out of the two one drop pads which lasts longer

They are both made out of silicone, so the difference should not be extremely big. And if lasting is an issue for you, I think AnYpads are .555, not sure though.

In the flow groove, you can also use o-rings, K-pads, or anything else that can fit in an o-ring sized groove. In my opinion, it gives you a little more opportunity to try different response systems, but generally, either one will play the same.