m1 yoyo

Whats the difference between the pad and flow groove.
Which one is better to get or does it matter.

Pad you have to use pad, but flow groove you can put flowable silicone there or buy special one drop flow grooves. Pads though, you can use any pad you want, as long as it fits. Your choices for flow groove are more limited, but you can get silicone close at home, no orders.

Pad: Alot. I’m not good at this.

Groove: O-ring, Z-Rings, Silicone rings by yoyojam, and Flowable, silicone rings by one drop.

No you don’t. The M1 is very siliconeable.

Harder too.

Actually, flow groove offers much more different types of response systems to choose from since it has a groove the size of most large bearing yo-yos.

I think you can get most kinds of pad .555 sized nowadays.

Not really.