Flow Groove Pads or Flowable Silicone?

Just wondering what other players prefer. I’ve been using silicone since it was first introduced into yo-yoing as I’ve always felt it offers much tighter and responsive binds. Many of my newer throws though like my Decapod, Drop Bear, Viszilla come with flow groove pads and I have mixed feelings about them. They are a tad easier to install and you can play them right away while flowable needs a little extra time to get in place and then requires up to 24 hours to cure but it seems like they are inconsistent in some of my throws while flowable plays relatively the same across the board (as long as the response groove is deep enough to accept flowable of course).


I’m kinda a DIY guy right now, and I prefer the ability to simply use a product to get the job done. So, I like the Flow Groove pads in all my One Drops, but when those wear out, I’ll most likely either go with flowable or red gasket making silicone.

I siliconed a bunch of my yoyos recently. I used flowable.

Flowable all the way…flow groove make for sloppy binds especially with anything but a flat bearing.

Totally disagree. Flow groove pads are, imo, the best response system out right now. I prefer them to flowable just because they’re easier to maintain and they don’t require the same break in time, but play virtually the same.

Flowable is still good since it works on pretty much any throw…I just wouldn’t bother if the throw in question accepts flow grooves.

I like both, but Flow Groove has been my preference for the last few months. I’ve never found them loose at all unless they’re really work - the new ones provide tight, snappy binds.

I got mixed feelings ob this as I love flow pads but monkeysnot gives the ability to have different colors. I still have yet to try it.

While Flow groove pads are very easy to install I still find that I would rather install my own flowable. The reason for this is that with flowable it is possible to put a recessed groove in the response while the pads are a flat flush fitting response. Having the recessed grove in the response I feel gives you more consistent unresponsive play while with the flow groove, or any pad response for that matter, it can take a long time to break in and give you that same play quality.

I don’t care what response is in my yoyo, so long as it works.

LOL, yeah I can see your point there!