flow groove

whats the difference bettween flow groove response m1s and ones that dont have it? and if it doesnt use flow groove what does it use?

It’s Flow Groove vs Pad response. Flow Groove recesses allow silicone. Pad response requires pads because the recess is shallower.

so its just as good but it doesnt take silicone?

Flow groove has limited choices to pads. As far as I know you can either use the Onedrop flow groove pad, or silicone it yourself. Pad response can use (I think) most all pads but does not allow you to silicone it yourself. So if you like pads get pad response, if you like to silicone it yourself, get flow groove.

i have a pad response idk what pads are compatable with it.

Almost any size .555 pad will work.

what would you use i see general yo has .555 pads

go for it.

Pads are pads, they all do have the same purpose. If you find one, buy it.