Which M1?

I am thinking of getting an M1 if I go to Bird in Hand this summer. Which one do I get? Flow groove response, or pad response? What do you think is better? Why is it better? Thanks you guys! :wink:

Neither one is better. Its all about…PREFERENCE! :slight_smile:

Yes but the problem is I don’t know my preference! ??? :-\ :wink: :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh Samad, you have an M1, what did you get?

I would go with flow groove because it gives more opportunity to try different response systems.

thats pad

Were you quoting Kim-Lan?
Because if so, she is right.

I would go with flow groove because I’ve heard that tou can put yyj o rings in it which means tou could put yyj sili pads in em too

I don’t want to mod my M1 at all.

Then it doesn’t matter. They’ll both play like an M1.

So you’re saying it doesn’t matter which one?

You’ll have to replace pads, One Drop Makes pads for both sizes, flow groove and pad. If you don’t want to re-silicone it with flowable or anything, do a coin toss.

You can still silicone a pad M1 as well.

I know, I have done it. Its just easier to do with a flow groove.

Not really but I heard a guy say that his pad m1s pads fell off when it got a little wet so maybe you could avert thw problem with a flowgroove

Why did it get wet in the first place…? Anyways, Pad and Flow Groove pads are the same pads, but different size and thickness. They are still OneDrop silicone pads.

Good question, they probably wont get wet if you do something called take care of it!

I got onedrop flow in my general yo and it is my favorite responce out of all of my yoyos.

the guy was doing Arials outside after it rained :-\