Silicone Lubrication for Yoyo Lube?

So i have this silicone lube and it says it doesnt oxidize or it doesnt leave any residue. do you think this will be a good replacement for yoyo lube? :slight_smile:

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Try it and let us know. The worst that can happen is you have to clean the bearing if it doesn’t work out.

Or it reacts in a funny way with the special metal used in the yoyo bearing and blows it up with more force than a ton of dynamite. ;D

its worth a shot x] since im wasting my life on this spinning object, what else do i have in life? LOL jkjk. i love my yoyo <3

It doesn’t work, I use it for a differenet hobby I have, and it is about the same consistancy of, well, I can’t compare it to anything site appropriate. But it is too thick and gloopy, unless of course you get the spray, in which case, the propelents in the spray will eat away at your string and yo-yo.

Plastic safe spray lubricants are NOT plastic safe. The lubricant will not dissolve plastic, but the Butane propellant will.

Then your family gets rich for discovering a way to magically fuel the world forever.

But you’d be dead… and the secret will be hidden on this website!!!

yeah dont use it :frowning: I need to buy yyj lube instead :((((

wow that would be the 1st thing u would compare it to lol of course my dirty mind would probably too