Is this lube ok?

So I’ve got a yoyojam classic (currently my only yoyo) and I’ve been trying some different oil I’ve got round here. I’ve tried a few different viscosities of rc car shock oil (originally got that for rc cars then found it was great for cubes and now yo-yos…!) and that’s worked great for responsive play but I’m looking to make it a bit unresponsive. I found this oil that came with some shimano pliers I have and it’s really thin. I put some in the classic and tried it out and it’s fantastic. It sleeps for a lot longer and weirdly it makes a loud buzz as if it was dry no matter how much I put in but I actually quite like that.

What I want to check is if this is ok for the bearing since it does not say that it’s a silicone based lube. The bottles says Lightwheaight mineral oil, Vegetable base non-toxic and Biodegradable. It’s extremely thin feels like it almost evaporates when put on my fingers. It also smells exactly like diesel if that’s significant…

Does this sound alright to lube the bearing with without damaging it? I know I’m being over precautions but… meh

Also, this may sound weird but would it work out lubing it with graphite. I’ve also got some of that. (Yep another hobbie - lock picking)

Yes, it should be just fine. Mineral oil will not hurt the bearing.

Cool thanks