Unresponsiveness with Response (READ INSIDE)

Okay earlier this morning my DM2 started screeching something fierce, the bearing had to be eating itself alive. so here’s what I did to fix it. I used baby oil to give it some kind of lube. Now I already know what you’re thinking, that’s too thick for a yoyo lube, you’ll get too much response. And your right but I didn’t use the baby oil alone. I also used just a drop of lighter fluid on the bearing after the baby oil that way the bearing isn’t totally cleaned and not grinding itself to the bone. What I figured is it helped in is thinning out the baby oil. And from what it seems like it’s working fine.

Now I get just the perfect response (FOR NOW). Just enough to be able to pull it back to my hand if I don’t feel like a bind return, and Unresponsive enough to be able to do plastic whip and other tricks. I specified Plastic Whip because it takes an uber amount of unresponsiveness to do it without it shooting back to your hand and breaking the string off your finger and it going and hitting the ceiling. (From my EXP anyway) (that also happened to me this morning when I didn’t have the lube thinned out enough.)

Anyway if you have lighter fluid and baby oil just around the house and can’t really pick up some yoyo lube (like me at the moment) then you can actually use the two to get just the right amount of response or unresponsiveness needed.

1.Baby oil to give the yoyo bearing some lube. This Will Make it very responsive.
2.Lighter fluid to thin out the baby oil on the bearing and make it less responsive. Use it sparingly as you don’t want to clean the bearing totally, that is if you still want to be able to pull the yoyo back to your hand without a bind return on every single return. You’ll still have to on most returns.

NOTE: This is something that I figured out on getting a custom responsiveness on your yoyo. If anyone has any better suggestions I’m open to it.

I am going to buy some Thin Lube when I get more cash. LOL I just can’t afford it atm. I just needed something so my bearing doesn’t grind itself to death.

Enjoy your rusty bearing.

Baby oil is mineral oil with is liquid petrolatum. Mineral oil makes a film on the skin to absorb clogs in your skin. Imagine what it would to do your bearing. Also lighter fluid should be cleaned out of your bearing, not dropped in and left there.

And the screech isnt the yoyo eating itself, it’s just the bearing sounding normal. You’ll get used to it. Yoyos can be loud when they’re clean. Otherwise add a drop of lube if you dont like the noise.

also, baby oil will turn mushy when left unabsorbed by the skin, its vegetable based.


A correct amount of a good oil such as gun oil, valve oil, etc. will have that same effect. Except they won’t break down. You can use oil to make your yo-yo have a desired amount of response.

The only problem I see with this is the lighter fluid eating away the yoyo itself, along with the other mentions of horrific bearing destructions.


But seriously, lighter fluid dissolves polycarbonates… and baby oil will rust your bearing. This will be an interesting science experiment. Tell me how it plays afterwards.

Frankly I’ve been using lighter fluid forever and I’ve seen no bad effects on polycarb nor any other plastic yoyos. In fact I’ve used it for cleaning glue goo and other crud off of a lot of things for longer than most of you have been alive and have yet to see it dissolve most commonly used plastics.

This is not to say that his lube mix is the way to go, just that lighter fluid is not the evil concoction described here.

Lighter fluid should not eat away the plastic. However, it won’t do nice things to your bearing if its just sloshing around in there.

Okay then what would be a recommendation by everyone to fix this “Problem lube” should I clean my bearing completely? and then buy the yoyo Lube? or what? and if I should clean it, then what’s a lighter fluid alternative? (other than mineral spirits cuz I don’t have any atm)

1 more thing, the screech did sound like the bearing was eating itself because it wasn’t your ordinary yoyo screech. try 5x louder.

yeah dude all bearings go through that phase clean it and it’l be better. just clean it right don’t shortcut it! Samad has a stickey’d tutorial in this section. follow it.

Clean the bearing. Lighter fluid is just fine for that. Then use some form of oil. Gun oil, sewing machine oil, and valve oil will all work as alternative to YYJ lube.

Its not as loud as you think it is. You should go to a yoyo meet, or watch someone yoyo without music. Trust me, the loudness we deal with starts to become music to your ears.

Tug reposnses are bad. and your throw does NOT need to be unresponsive to do plastic whip.

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Doesn’t Not need to be unresponsive equate to tug responsive? If not, what does Not need to be unresponsive mean? Does tug responsive mean Not unresponsive?

alrighty then, I’ll clean my bearing, and find something of a lube. Will lamp oil work? because I don’t have gun oil, or sewing machine oil. if not I’ll just clean it for now, and then buy some YYJ Lube

you can just run it dry until you get some lube it wont hurt it. and honestly id just go to any random fabric store in your area (google or yellow pages or something) and pick up some sewing machine oil. It’s cheaper than thin lube and is pretty much the same thing. Plus you wont have to pay shipping then.

Okay what about something such as K-Y Jelly? I just picked this up because it’s apparently something almost like water.

k-y jelly = skin warmer

k-y jelly = BAD FOR BEARING

lighter fluid comes out as the bearing spins…

Just as I thought