Lucas Oil Lube!

I was wondering if Lucas Oil would work as well as it performs when applied to a vehicle the same on a yoyo! What is everyone thoughts on this because it is something I want to try.

Most “household” oils are thick and will make your yoyo responsive.

For unresponsive you absolutely want very thin oil, like sewing machine or trumpet oil. So be absolutely sure it is a thin oil, and even then you should only use a tiny tiny amount.


Yeah I remember using thicker oil to slow down my bearings. I was just wondering if it would still coat every part of the bearing while spinning. I feel as if the other added elements to yoyo lube would change how the oil interfaces with the bearing.

Did a bit of research and found that Lucas Oil would probably be good to mix with a lighter oil to help with viscosity but not good for the rubber in your engine as it would eventually break it down making it soft. Yoyo bearing are not built like a car engine so you really do not have to worry about the rubber issue. Unless it is bad to the point where it effects your breaks. Either way I think it is worth trying to figure out how to blend that synthetic oil with a thin oil for some amazing yoyo lube.