Silicone-ing my Y Factor. help

I just siliconed my Y Factor which was a pain in the arse. One half I used a plastic spoon but it was still a bit wrinkly and choppy. The other half I used an old Wendy’s gift card. That turned out much better but it is still a bit choppy and uneven in some areas. To add to the pain, the Yfactor has this flat edge surrounding the groove which makes it next to impossible to clean without touching the substance in the groove.
I was wondering if there was an easier way to do this.
-silicon used; Permatex High Temp RTV red (this stuff smells rancid)

itll wear down eventually

You are doing it the right way, it will just take a ton of practice. One thing that helps me do super clean jobs in masking of the area on the inside and outside of the response groove with tape. Just lay down a piece of tape of the yoyo, and use an xacto knife to cut out where the response is. You can’t really cut it perfectly, so you will still have to do a little clean up, but it won’t be nearly as bad.


Wrinkly silicone is normal, don’t worry. It’ll become smooth with play.