I just silicone a g5 and it became response what do I do ?


Just undo sillicon n it fix .

(Owen) #3

Take the silicone out, clean the bearing, resilicone it, make sure there is no silicone in the bearing seat, remove any silicone that missed the groove where the silicone goes, and enjoy your jojo!


It may just be cleaning the bearing and cleaning out the bearing seat and recess as well. I’d start with those. If the bearing isn’t better, then replace the bearing, but still ensure the bearing seat and recess area are clear. Remove the bearing before siliconing.

When siliconing, remove the excess. You want it flush or recessed, not rising. Was the excess removed?


Had the same problem with my DM2. Hasnt been the same since. Even with redoing the silicone and changing bearings.


Odd. When I siliconed my DM2, I had in my opinion, a response system I liked better. HOwever, then I was using Dragon String and it tore that silicone up in like 3 days. I re-siliconed it and put the Dragon String on my Chief. All better!

At the moment, I’m using YYJ pads in that same DM2 mostly since I noticed the silicone needed replacing and I needed it in 12 hours, so no time to silicone it. Lesson learned: Silicone jobs must be done Thursday!!


I had that happen the first time I silliconed my pgm I just threw it till the silicone touching the bearing wore down then TWAS was fine.