Silicon response popped out


My silicon response came out of my Magicyoyo N9 and it won’t back in because the diameter is too large, maybe is go too hot and expanded? please help


Easy answer to anyones response pad problem flow able silicone! :slight_smile:


Just replace them, magic yoyo has bad pads anyways.


Flowable silicone.

Or gasket-maker silicone if you don’t mind levelling it yourself.


I agree with both Yoyo and GregP, you be best off just replacing the pads if you got some extra, or pour your own in with flowable silicon. the pads that are in there now are probably popping out because they were more then likely misshapen when you got them. I doubt they expanded unless you had your yoyo near a hot oven or left it sitting out in the hot sun for a long while.


I spilled lube on some CBC pads once and they swelled up.


well do you think you spilled lube on these ones also??


Thanks guys, i put some silicone response in, not flow-able kind because i couldn’t find but i’m looking to get a new shutter soon. Yeah i spilled lube on them.