Magic YoYo N5 and Brake/Response Pads

Hey guys. I am planning to pick up a Magic YoYo N5. I’ve done a lot of research because I am a noob. I was reading and watching videos up about these Response/Brake Pads for yo yo’s and how they need to be replaced once in a while. I can’t seem to find a store on the internet that sells Magic YoYo branded brake/response pads. Will any other brand work fine with the N5 from Magic YoYo? Thanks!

As long as it fits it should work fine, as far as I know magicyoyos have similar size with most yoyos today, but to be sure try measuring the response depth and width and ask the store if it will fit.

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You can use flowable silicone in place of the response pads. I did it to my t9 dark angel yesterday, and it made it so much better response wise.

You will be able to do many yoyo’s out of one tube/syringe of silicone as well.

What is that? Is it some sort of superglue? can you give me a guide on how to install it. Thanks!

Thanks mate, looks a little bit too risky. I will stick with stickers over goo.

It’s really not risky.

Check here for more info: Useful modification and maintenance guides - Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

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The only risk is getting some in the bearing seat which punishes you with a minute of picking it out with a tooth pick

Honest mate my nan could probably do it and she died in 2005, its that easy. Its not risky, you can’t damage the yoyo.

The first time I did it I had to clean a little bit but got it right and functional. I like it better than some stock response pads.